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"Vince, the more I look back on the course, the more I realize how much I learned and how much I enjoyed it. I can say without a doubt that it is the best training I have ever had! I would go back and repeat the four days all over again and I know I would still learn even more. It is a great package and your instructors and guests were all top notch as well. I will recommend it to anyone who will listen. Thanks again."
Shaun Laba
Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission

"Thanks Vince, I found this course to be a very enjoyable. I will definitely be recommending it to my peers here and at our other Michelin two plants.
Brian Elliott
Safety Officer
Michelin Canada

"Hi Vince, if anyone ever told me the issues a person with a serious injuries has to go through I probably wouldn’t believe them. The course was certainly a benefit to me." 
Elwin Watts
PEI Energy Systems

"Vince, thanks again for a well-prepared and perfectly delivered Accident Investigation (Advanced Level) course at Dalhousie University. The guest speakers also provided an important component to the overall success of the program with real life examples and insight. I look forward to your next course offerings. Thank you."

Dave Bell
Manager of Internal Services
OHS Division
Nova Scotia Department of Labour & Advanced Education

Feedback from students regarding our OHS Accident Investigation Program (Advanced Level) 
Lead Instructor: Vince P. Garnier, President & CEO, Safety P.A.T.H.
Instructor: Mark Hartlen,Polygraph Examiner / Forensic Interview Expert, Safety P.A.T.H.
Guest Speaker: James Clarke, Senior Crown Prosecutor, Public Prosecution Services of Nova Scotia

- Everything was amazing! 
- This was the course I've been looking for to bring me to a more experience based knowledge in OH&S. 
- I appreciated the format, content and group interaction. All the speakers were very engaging and had the attention of the students from Day 1. Thank you for a great week. 
- Really great instructors and excellent knowledge and experience in real world application. Very well done course and curriculum.
- Unlimited knowledge!  Exceeded very expectation I had.
- They all added humor and true life examples to their presentations. Made it much more enjoyable.
- Excellent instructor and presenters.
- Vince is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. For the amount of information covered, it was very well presented.
- Very knowledgeable on the subject matter.
- Instructors/speakers were all knowledgeable and very engaging. Excellent delivery, informative, sense of humour.
- I was thrilled to learn the meat of investigation techniques and forensic interviewing. The wealth of experience that the instructor brought and the depth of the course information. 
- The investigation techniques were top notch!  Lots of useful information regarding why workplace accidents happen and how we can prevent them from recurring. 
- Everything was great and the instructor and guest speakers were highly knowledgeable and engaging. 
- Lots of very good information. This was a great learning course. 
- Great instructor and great course material. 
- Excellent course content and instructors.
- The content of the course was very well selected and presented...very engaging and applicable to our work.

Class of 2013-02
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Hi Vince,
I received an email from an employer yesterday and embedded in their message was this comment about your course. Credit needs to go where credit is due so I am sending this along to you.  Very nice!!

I attended the Safety P.A.T.H. course with Vince Garnier last week at Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS. It was PHENOMENAL. If you can ever attend the OHS Accident Investigation Program (Advanced Level) it is worth every cent."

Mary E. Morris, BN, RN, COHN(C), COHN, CRSP, CHRP
Office of the Employer Advisor, Nova Scotia Society

"I found the “NEW” knowledge you have given myself in four short days has revamped and furthered my passion towards safety. 

So, what did I gain from the four days? 

* Core information how to properly investigate
* Techniques towards investigation
* Thought processes and compassion to instill culture change
* New friends with the same addenda
* Ability and motivation to take these tools back to our workplace to strengthen our safety programs and awareness and use them in our everyday lives. 

I along with Marid Industries Limited applaud you and your colleagues for introducing this long awaited learning experience of getting to the core of Accident Investigations. 


I look forward to furthering my knowledge as a Safety Representative through Safety P.A.T.H. in the coming months ahead. You can’t put a price on this overwhelmingly valuable, professionally taught educational information. 

Roy Dalrymple CHSC, CHSO
Safety Manager
Marid Industries Limited 

Feedback from students regarding our Occupational Hygiene for Managers Program 
Instructor: Jim LeBlanc, Executive Consultant, Safety P.A.T.H.
Guest Speaker: Mary Morris, Office of the Employer Advisor, Nova Scotia Society

- Very knowledgeable instructor. Good material. 
- Enjoyed the discussion with Mary Morris. Accident / injury claim and response strategies were beneficial.
- Enjoyed the course and the class instructor. 
- Very knowledgeable, good ability to convey content. Good work to draw students in. 
- Very good instructor.  Excellent ability to convey technical information in a clear and logical way. 
- Instructor explained himself very well. Had an excellent background in covering the topics within the course.
- Learned a lot of information to take back for my everyday work life. Lots of information and very interesting.
- Excellent real-world / real-life examples.  
- Very important information. I was able to identify gaps in our program. 
- Enjoyed discussion with Mary Morris from Office of the Employer Advisor. Information that all employers and managers should know!
- Well presented, relaxed atmosphere, covered topics at a good pace. 

Class of 2013-01
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"The week-long OHS train-the-trainer program far exceeded our expectations.  The wealth of knowledge that you shared will help the OEC States improve workplace health and safety.  The participants praised the program, your knowledge and the style of teaching.  Thank you.  We look forward to you returning to assist us further." 

Joseph Alexander
Executive Director
St. Lucia Employer's Federation, West Indies 

"Vince Garnier is a foremost authority in the field of Occupational Safety and Health. His unwavering professionalism, knowledge, and passion is evident in his practical approach and methodology. He has inspired change in the conduct of Caribbean business as it relates to OSH matters, and his off-site support and advice is unprecedented.  

If you are looking to make a business case for OSH in your organisation, in your community, or in your country, then Vince Garnier is your ticket to success." 

Julie Bonnett
Director of Human Resources (Private Sector)
St. Lucia, West Indies

"Vince is a sincere and honest safety professional. When I worked with Vince, he consistently demonstrated a unwavering commitment to safety and a commitment to improving safety throughout the Province of Nova Scotia. 

Whenever Vince made commitments to me or to clients of my agency - these were always followed up and Vince continually checked back to see if there was anything more he could do. I have no hesitation in recommending Vince."  

Sandra Dunham B.Sc. MPA
Chief Executive Officer
North Simcoe Muskoka Palliative Care Network (Healthcare Industry)
Ontario, Canada

"The Accident Investigation training program was excellent!  It provided us with all the tools we need to properly investigate workplace accidents and incidents and identify opportunities for prevention.  

Your method of instruction was professional, humorous and engaging.  We will be bringing you to Antigua to provide further instruction." 

Natalia Barnes
HR Consultant (Antigua Lottery Commission)
Antigua, West Indies 

"I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on Occupational Health and Safety, facilitated by Vince, on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. It was a very practical and informative session. Vince was very thorough throughout the week long workshop, mixing real life examples with theory. 

His knowledge and expertise on the subject area helped the participants gain a better understanding on Occupational Health and Safety issues and he addressed many of their concerns. Ultimately, we saw the importance of implementing effective safety programmes as the long term benefits for employees, respective countries and businesses would be substantial. 

Vince was very professional, personable and punctual. I would recommend his service to any business or government agency looking to educate or strengthen their Occupational Health and Safety programmes." 

Solace Myers
HR Consultant (Government)
St. Lucia, West Indies

"It was such a pleasure to participate in the workshop and the wealth of knowledge shared is overwhelming. Not often does one attend a workshop like yours'.  Your style of teaching was excellent.  The classes were interactive and never had me bored or looking out for the time to go home. 

I commend you on your wealth of knowledge and experience.  We will be in touch."  

Kim McPhee
Ministry of Housing and Local Government
St. Lucia, West Indies

"Thank you for the friendship and support that you continue to offer our organization. Our staff and our family members are so very grateful for the guidance you've offered over the years. We look forward to reading your blog!"  

Sarah Wheelan 
Communications Manager    
Threads of Life, Ontario, Canada   www.threadsoflife.ca 

"I recently enrolled in the Accident Investigation program offered through Dalhousie University - Continuing Technical Education.  The course was created and facilitated by Vince Garnier. He has a wealth of experience in Occupational Health and Safety and his style of facilitating is professional and engaging.  He is very well-spoken and provides many examples throughout his course, as well as interesting activities and case studies for optimum learning and retention. 

Vince ensures that everyone gets an equal opportunity to participate. Through active listening and good questioning, he demonstrates that each participant’s contribution is valuable.  The course notes he developed and provided are great and you learn to use tools and skills that you can apply to your workplace. He is very good at finding the delicate balance of challenging students and making them feel comfortable to share information, ideas, concerns and different points of view. Vince uses a participatory approach and holds his students accountable while supporting group learning. 

I was very satisfied with the Accident Investigation Workshop and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their skills in this area." 

Heather Wright
Human Resources & Safety Manager (Scotia Recycling)                             
Nova Scotia, Canada 

"Safety P.A.T.H. has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the enforcement and investigative fields that filled the sessions with anecdotal and regulatory information. Vince's approach made the course work serious and interesting (a tough combination to pull off)." 

M. Pittoello
Safety Leader (Forestry Industry)
New Brunswick, Canada 

“Having attended countless workshops, training programs and seminars in my career, it has honestly been a pleasure to participate in the Accident Investigation course presented by Vince Garnier.  

Vince’s knowledge and passion for his work really come through in his teaching style. His desire for the student to learn and take away a usable set of skills from the course is something that is often lacking in some training programs. I look forward to the opportunity to work with (and learn from) Vince and his team again.” 

P.J. Cottingham
Municipal Government By-Law Administrator 
Nova Scotia, Canada  

"I’ve recently had the pleasure of attending a training course which was held by your company. The instructor was well prepared, professional, and passionate about the topic. Combining these factors with a professional class room setting, excellent in class materials, and knowledgeable guest speakers made for an enjoyable learning venue. 
While the training was set in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, what stands out most in my mind is the new knowledge I have acquired. 

The instructor was successful in conveying his knowledge to the students, who demonstrated this new knowledge via a well designed hands on re-enactment of an accident scene. I am better prepared to conduct an accident investigation, and will create better incident reports as a result of this valuable training. 

I will be recommending this course to others in my field, and will be sending members of my company to attend future training."   

G. MacMillan CRSP
Safety Consultant - Business Owner
Nova Scotia, Canada 

"This course was very beneficial for me in the work that I do for Nova Scotia Power. Safety is the number one priority at Nova Scotia Power. Courses like these are essential to continuing to promote our safe work culture."

L. Marryatt
Environmental & Safety Program Coordinator
Nova Scotia, Canada